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"Perfect-Shareware" Handbook
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the easy way to report arthur's usenet abuses.

for a listing of all known url's that artie is using (or has used) to lure
potential victims to his ''perfect-shareware'' scam site, click here

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artie's latest e-mail address: CEO-ART@MSN.COM

he's tried (unsuccessfully) to get the host of the handbook's us mirror to shut it down,
but they just followed and's lead (the host of our uk mirror)
and banned his silly ass so they won't be bothered by him anymore...

damn, artie! you were born in 1954, so that makes you 47?!?
jeez 'loo-wheeze... aren't you a little on the elderly "side" to be
scammin' people as you are? i might have to tell your mammy, gertrude
aka ''good time gertie''. i assume she's your mom, but it's possible
that you married someone 25 years older. maybe you married her for her moolah!!

artie bitches louder and gets killfiled by an entire isp!
good ol' uncle artie has been yappin' his piehole off again, complaining to the
internet service providers of people who post warnings about his perfect-shareware
usenet spam-scam. no suprise there... but, this time he gets kill filtered
by the isp he was complaining to!:

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 11:22:49AM -0400, Art Schwartz wrote:

> I have been receiving many Unsolicited Bulk Emails of the unwelcome
> harassing type from your customer. I have included four of them below just
> from today (big space between each message that was how it looks when
> pasting all of it) . This person is so deranged he thinks it is okay to
> harass me with unwanted E-Mail. I have asked him to kindly stop but he
> refuses by saying No. Can you please cancel his account immediately to stop.

the director of responded:

Thanks. I have just put your email address in our site-wide "this is
the most annoying type of idiot" filter. Our mail server will cease to
receive email from you.

I've had enough of your false accusations and timewasting. If you can
seriously consider that a message-id is spamming you, then I fear for
your sanity.

Cc: To the abuse desk at MSN.COM, just so that they know what's going
on, and possibly have a good laugh when you complain.

Paul Martin 
Director of Zetnet Services Ltd.

editor's note:
it's nice to see artie finally get recognized as the annoyance that he is.

more threats from artie
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 21:06:54 -0400 
From Art Schwartz - CEO-ART@MSN.COM 
Subject Re: Lets End this Now! 

I am determined to see that you go to jail or pay a heavy fine for harassing and
Libeling me and my company on Newsgroups and my own personal E-Mail account.
If you stop now and prove you stopped for several weeks on Newsgroups then I
will stop reporting every message of yours to the FBI. At least I am earning
a living with my company. You are not earning a dime doing this. How would you
react if I was trying to deprive you of your livelihood?
Art Schwartz

my response:

Subject: Re: Lets End this Now
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 16:20:15 -0700

sorry artie. the deal stands as thus:
you quit spamming usenet. find some other, less obtrusive way of selling your scam
(if you wish to continue doing so). you quit sending virii to people warning against you,
you quit mass-flooding the newsgroups you get frustrated with for thwarting your spam.
in return, i get off your back and your 'handbook' disappears. that's the only way you're
going to get away from my warning people about you.

over the past 48 hours access to your site has been granted to over 50 interested parties.
the login info being shared was obtained through perfectly legal means by one of your
recent 'suckers' who didn't want other people to get ripped-off like he did,
so he donated his paid-in-full login information to the world.

the concept of selling links to pirated software is unique. i'll give you that much.
but arthur, why not at least maintain your site so when people click a warez link
(that they paid for) it actually goes somewhere besides a 404 error page.
all of your links are DEAD.

that, ' sir ' (and i use the term -very- loosely) is a rip-off in its own right.

quoted from the mail you just sent me:
"At least I am earning a living with my company."
that's a laugh. why are all your phone numbers getting disconnected then?
why are you so upset about the fact that warnings are following each and every one
of your spams? so many questions, so little time...

i made the goodwill gesture of removing the auto-dialer from your 'handbook',
you ignored this truce offering.

now, as far as your threats to sue, prosecute, testify, etc, blah, blah, blah.
bring it on. you know what you'll get? absolutely nothing.
this is because there is absolutely nothing to be had.
and it's times like this that i kind of like it that way. :)

if i can go a full week without seeing your spam scam -anywhere-,
the 'handbook' disappears and i forget about you. understood?
if not, i suggest you take a course in remidial english asap.

and if ripping people off like this is the only way that you know how to make a living
for yourself, then i suggest you do yourself in. either that or join the job corp.

moving right along...

artie whines and simpers to
get a load of this! artie tried compaining to cotse about
some dude who is offering free access to the protected-area of
"perfect-shareware" so the public can have a look-see for free!: 

Dear Abuse:

This person is offering a free hack to get on a pay service.
This is a malicious and unlawful act and this persons account
should be terminated at once! Please send me all the information
about this person so I may give it to the authorities.

Arthur Schwartz
Perfect Shareware

and here is cotse's awesome response!:

We see no mention of a "hack" that has taken place in order to
obtain login information. If you feel this user is unlawfully
obtaining access to your resources, we advise you to seek out
law enforcement personnel capable of properly investigating
said activities. Doing so will enable law enforcement to
obtain subpoenas of our logs.

We do not provide information about our users without a subpoena.

This message is not in violation of our Terms of Service.

A copy of this reply was sent to: rutabaga @

Cotse Abuse Team

artie, all i can say is this....


well hey, at least we have your current e-mail address now! ;)

a letter from one of "perfect-shareware's" recent visitors

From: "Thomas Bxxxx, Jr." 
Subject: Seeing Your Website Is Believing
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 20:15:23 -0700
Cc: datentechnik  

I have never seen so many dead links on one site at one time in my
entire life. Before I had the chance to see it for my own eyes, I didn't
believe what was being said about you that you are ripping people off.
But everything I've heard has turned out to be true.

How do you sleep knowing that you're treating people like this? It's not
only dishonest, it's morally bankrupt. From now on I'll be supporting
people who are sending out the alarms about you and your awful site.

I'm sure glad I didn't have to pay to see what a scam you're actually

I've saved each and every one of your pages and plan to set up a 100%
free version of what you offer. That way no one else will be scammed by
you. Why not go sell used cars or something?

Good day.
Thomas Bxxxx Jr.,
Miami Fl. USA

need i say more?... HELL YES!!!!

artie makes yet even more funny threats!
dig this:

From: "Art Schwartz" 
Subject: IFCC Complaint numbers for Abuse
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 12:22:23 -0400
To: "Arthur 'Perfect-Scamware' Schwartz" 
I have filed several complaints against you for your illegal activities. I
swear to God I will get you arrested and convicted on all charges! Do not
send me anymore E-Mails from this or any other service because I will be
forwarding them to the IFCC as well as any post you make on Newsgroups or
your Sick Site!

Arthur Schwartz

LMMFAO!!!! isn't he hilarious?! i wonder if he's ever presented this material
in front of a live audience... well, he sure has now!! i've seen
desparation drive men 'mad' before, but i've never seen it drive one to hilarity!
just tighten that belt up another notch there artsie! if you're not willing to
cease your spammin' and scammin' then it's going to be be a long battle for you! :)

you might want to consider calling your credit card provider and tell them that you gave your credit card info to someone who you now fear may misuse it. ask them to cancel your current credit card and issue another with a new account number. and that's not all! here is the absolute proof of what a rip-off scam art is pulling with his "perfect-shareware" business. to view a screen capture recently taken from deep inside the "protected" area of "perfect-shareware", just click here. it shows a dead link. coincidence?... nope! click here to see even another. and what about this?? it's a file link and description from the "protected-area" of "perfect-shareware", but look carefully at the link notation: Adobe Aftereffects 4.1 New 1/7/2001 This Link has a daily download limit so it may take you several days to be able to finally download all of it. would anyone really want to pay for that?!? smile artie! the world can see what you are up to now! :) you know what else? arthur continues to use the name of "perfect-shareware" even though it was dissolved by the state of florida way back in 1995 for arthur's failure to file any tax returns!! and do you think he's paying taxes now? HAH! i think not... let's all mobilize and let the irs know about arthur's probable failure to have filed any taxes over the last 6 years by calling 1-800-829-0433. well, well, well... maybe this will come in handy too! it's a system that the hallandale florida police department has instituted to easily submit citizen's complaints against arthur!! click here to file a report against artie and his spam!! (here is his personal info to make reporting him a breeze!): Arthur H. Schwartz 200 Leslie Drive Apt. 331 Hallandale, FL 33009 phone: (954) 454-3191 e-mail: CEO-ART@MSN.COM reporting artie to the internet fraud complaint center isn't such a bad idea either! once again, it's an online form and can't be easier! for page after page full of unsolicited netizen "testimonials" warning against arthur and his long-defunct company "perfect-shareware" be sure to check this out: please select a page: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | url list ]


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